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The Camarilla is the largest single sect of vampires as well as the most open; theorectically any vampire may claim membership, regardless of lineage. In Fact, the Camarilla assumes that all vampires are members of their sect - whether they want to be or not. The founders of the sect view it as the Great Society of undead, and take offense at any suggestion otherwise. The Camarilla's primary concern is the maintenance and preservation of the Masquerade. The sect was organized in the 14th century in response to the growing influence of the Inquistion. Historically, there have been many attempts by leaders of the Camarilla to assert more authority over other aspects of vampire existence. Each time, the attempt has failed in a wave of bloodshed. The princes do not brook interference into what they consider to be their historical rights and privileges. Nor do the Methuselahs desire a competitor who could thwart their aims. Therefore, the Camarilla remains a divided sect of only moderate influence. The elders who control it use it as yet another means to oppress and manipulate the anarchs. It is thought the Ventrue played a primary role in bringing together the seven founding clans of the Camarilla. Their efforts and imagination certainly lie behind its improbable origin. Though the Camarilla holds itself open to all bloodlines, those that choose to participate represents only slighty more than half of the known clans. Only seven of the 13 clans were among its founders, and only these clans regulary attend meetings of the Inner Circle. Individuals from other clans may be part of the Camarilla, but no other clan as a whole is. The Camarilla does not openly recognize the existence of the Antediluvians. Statements about them are publicly derided. As far as the Camarilla is concerned, they are but myths.

The Camarilla Structure.
Prince - The Prince holds mastery over a city Primogen - Advisors to the Prince - usually the elder of each clan Seneschal - The Prince's Regent - the second in command Leader of the harpies - Enforcers of Status and reputation Whips - Aids to the primogen Sheriff - Enforces the princes laws and the Traditions Keeper of the Elysium - Enforces the rules of the Elysium and Masquerade Ministers of the Inner Circle - World leaders of the vampires Justicars - Chief enforcers of the Traditions. They can overrule any Prince Archons - Aids and allies to the Justicars