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At first appearances, the clean-cut, fresh-faced Agent Alex Krycek seems like a younger, less cynical version of Mulder. But it soon becomes apparent that he is a double agent, working with the cigarette smoking man to keep Mulder away from the X-Files. By telling the Smoking Man that Scully was "a much larger problem than you described", he contributed to the decision to have Scully abducted. When Mulder went to rescue Scully from Duane Barry, Krycek attempted to kill Mulder. For a while he disappeared, only to resurface to kill Mulder's father and frame Mulder for it. Both Mulder and Scully are now fully aware of Krycek's treachery. Soon after, Krycek was ordered to kill Scully only to kill Melissa Scully instead. That mistake resulted in an attempt on Krycek's life by the men-in-black. After a narrow escape, Krycek fled into hiding possessing a digital computer tape containing information on the government's involvement with and the knowledge of extraterrestial life.