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"You are vexed and bitter, that is very good; if only you would
get really angry for once, it would be even better."

 Brujah is the most rebellious and antisocial of all clans.
Its members forever search for the ultimate expression of
their individuality. They are rebels. They tend to be 
stubborn, agressive, ruthless, sensitive to slights and 
extremely vengeful. Brujah appear in a myriad of guises:
punks, socialists, skinheads, beat poets, bikers, philosophers
,rockers, goths, freaks and anarchists.
 Members of the Brujah consider it their duty and right to
challenge authority and the powers that claim it. Brujah
posssess a fierce hunger for freedom and refuse to serve as 
the puppets of others. They fearlessly sink iinto chaos in their
pursuit of change and transformtion. Many in the clan beleive
Kindred society would completely corrupt if not for them.

 Brujah are fanatical in their disparate beliefs. The only
thing that unites the clan is its members desire to overthrow
the system. Many are bullheaded crusaders of the worst sort,
fanatically devoted to their own causes and blind to any other
shade of truth. Others are great intellectualists who desire to
institute change through the superiority of their cause and
ideals. Whatever their methodology, the Brujah are torn
between the nobility of freedom and the anarchy that is the

 While they lack organization, Brujah are not without
common purpose.Diversity is their strenghth, 
but they always answer the call of their brethren in times of need.Regardless
of past antagonism, when the call is made, the clan responds.
 Other Kindred often afford the Brujah, certain liberties
because of their eccentricities and have learned to provide
them leeway, for the Brujah are often seen as crazed destroyers.

ORGANIZATION Among the brujah, it would seem that might makes right. Any attempt to organize the clan would result in chaos because of the intrinsically rebellious nature of its members.Nonetheless ,clan members are fiercely loyal to each other, especially when they rally behind a cause. Brujah meetings(known as Rants) are held frequently and often take place at concerts or raves. All vampires are invited to attend the Rants, but the violent nature of these gatherings usually deters all but the very brave of foolhardy.

STEREOTYPES GANGREL They truly have the warriors spirit, but they are lethargic and complacent to the manipulation of tyrants. It is time to stop your flight and fight, Gangrel. MALKAVIAN One minute they're with us a hundred percent; the next, they're counting the holes in the ceiling tiles.I can't make head or tails of them. NOSFERATU They deserve better than the lot they've been given, but I'll be damned if the other clans of the Camarilla will given them half the chance we will. TOREADOR Those effete bastards are so caught up with their trivial games they can't see the flames all around them. TREMERE They represent everything we dispise.One of these days its going to come down to us or them. VENTRUE These blind hypocrites can and have sold the birthright of every free being in an attempt to secure themselves as a sort of outdated, pompous class of aristoocrats.

DISCIPLINES Celerity, Potence, Presence