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Cardassians are humanoids, having light brown to beige skin and many prominent facial features. They have two thick vertical ridges at the top of their heads which contine down to the eye ridges. In the center of their forehead is the shape of an inverted droplet. The eyes are set deep into the face and ridges surround the eye sockets and the nose contains a distinct center line and the ears are similar to human but without lobes. The neck of the Cardassian has prominent "neck cords." Their hair is usually dark brown or black and is generally pulled back. Facial hair, common with the humans, is not common with the Cardassians. Cardassians are known to be quite aggressive in large numbers but tend to be much more reserved alone. They are very protective of their borders and ideals and do not tolerate any actions that may pose any threat to these ideals or their culture and property. The Cardassians are also known to deny everything when the blame for an action has been placed on their head. Often Cardassians have admitted to a crime but only when there was no solid evidence for them to be convicted. Otherwise, they tend to deny any involvement in the action. Five hundred years ago, the Cardassians were a peaceful and very artistic culture and were known for their great archeology and architecture. However, a serious food shortage cased the military to take control, and has been in power ever since. Because of this military control, the Union has taken on a different approach. Instead of taking pride in their architectural mastery and a peaceful life, they took part in raids and smuggling. They have even gone as far as annexing a foreign governments' space. About 60 years ago, the Cardassians went to the Bajoran system offering help. Twenty years later, they annexed Bajoran space and proceded to construct mining stations to suck the wealth from that system. To save the Bajorans from their ultimate demise, the Federation came to their aid and drove the Cardassians out of the Bajoran system completely. Cardassian ships consist mainly of Galor-III class heavy cruisers. Their ships are rumored to contain high powered subspace fields which help block scanning from hostile ships. The Cardassian personal weapon is a pistol-like phaser and Cardassians are known for their horrendous torturing of prisoners, feeling that any prisoners are getting what they deserve, namely to be tortured to death. Males seem to dominate slightly in Cardassian culture. Females do have important roles in their society, but males seem to often have the upper hand. Cardassian children are taught responsibility early and are quickly inscribed with the ways of the military government. Cardassians are very eager to gain power, but they do not want to lose face by getting caught doing underhanded actions.