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Sheridan, John (Bruce Boxleitner)
SPECIES: Human / Earth Alliance
SEX: Male / Age: 44
POSITION: Military Officer / Captain
Height: 6' 2" / Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown / Eyes: Hazel
Captain John Sheridan, currently commands Babylon 5.
(recently succeeding from the Earth Alliance as an independent state, under the
protection of the Minbari Federation) Sheridan was formerly the commanding officer
of the Earth Alliance destroyer Agamemnon, until his transfer to Babylon 5 in 2259.
John Sheridan was recognized as the only human to have ever destroyed a Minbari
war cruiser during the Earth/Minbari war of 2247. The Captain's wife, Anna Sheridan,
was presumed to have been killed while on an archeological expedition to the planet
Z'ha'dum. It was later learned that she survived, and work as a Shadow agent. She
was killed when Sheridan rammed the White Star into Z'ha'dum. Sheridan is an
established leader and military officer. Soon after his appointment to Babylon 5, he
learned of the growing threat of the Shadows, and pledged himself and Babylon 5 to
the cause of fighting them, and protecting the light. Sheridan was killed on Z'ha'dum
by the Shadows, but was brought back to life by the first of the first ones, Lorien.
Lorien has accompanied Sheridan back to B5, and now helps them to fight the
Shadows. Sheridan leads the Babylon 5 War Council, who's goals are to defeat the
Shadows, and restore peace to the galaxy.

Ivanova, Susan (Claudia Christian)
SPECIES: Human / Earth Alliance
SEX: Female / Age: 30
POSITION: Military Officer / Commander
Height: 5' 9" / Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair: Light Brown / Eyes: Blue
Commander Susan Ivanova joined Earthforce
shortly after her brother was killed during the
Earth/Minbari war. Lt. Commander Ivanova was
assigned to Babylon 5 in 2257, just after the
station came online. Soon after Captain John
Sheridan took command of B5 she was promoted
to full Commander. Susan, during the re-birth
ceremony, admitted to having feelings for former
resident telepath Talia Winter. Ranger Marcus
Cole also is deeply in love with Ivanova, though she doesn't know it yet. Ivanova is
also a member of the Babylon 5 War Council.
Character transformation of Ivanova

Garibaldi, Michael (Jerry Doyle)
SPECIES: Human / Earth Alliance
SEX: Male / Age: 39
POSITIONn: Security Officer / Chief of B5 Security
Height: 6' 2" / Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown / Eyes: Blue
Mr. Garibaldi serves as Babylon 5's Chief of
Security. Garibaldi also served in Earthforce
during the Earth/Minbari war. Earlier in his life
Garibaldi fell in to alcoholism and crime. Jeffery
Sinclair took him in and gave him another
chance, in which Garibaldi proved himself a
capable security officer, and left his old ways
behind him. He is a skilled pilot, and his second most favorite thing is the cartoon,
Duck Dodgers. In December of 2260 Garibaldi was mysteriously captured by a Shadow
ship, and later jettisoned by a Psi Corps ship, and returned to B5. He has no
recolection of any events occuring, but seems somewhat different now. He is also a
member of the Babylon 5 War Council.

Franklin, Stephen (Richard Biggs)
SPECIES: Human / Earth Alliance
SEX: Male / Age: 36
POSITION: Medical Officer / Medical Chief of Staff
Height: 6' 1" / Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: Brown / Eyes: Brown
Doctor Franklin is Babylon 5's Chief Medical Officer
and Xenobiologist. His specialty is Xenobiology.
Franklin once operated a free medical clinic in
Down Below, and more recently has fought a
dangerous battle with his addiction to drugs,
specifically "Stims". After taking a short leave of abscence Franklin has returned to
active duty, with a new sense of purpose. Dr. Franklin is also a member of the Babylon
5 War Council.

Delenn (Mira Furlan)
SPECIES: Minbari / Minbari Federation
SEX: Female / Age: 45 (31 Earth Years)
POSITION: Diplomat / Ambassador to B5
Height: 5' 6" / Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Dark Brown / Eyes: Green
Ambassador Delenn is the representative of the
Minbari Federation to Babylon 5. She is also
spearheading the forces against the ancient
Shadows. She was with the Minbari leader
Dukhat, when he was killed by a human explorer
ship. Dukhat chose her to lead the secretive
Minbari Grey Council. She declined in order to
maintain her position on Babylon 5, but did serve
as a member of the council for 16 cycles. After being renounced from the Grey
Council, she returned and broke the council, taking with her two of the three Minbari
castes, the Worker and Religious castes. (She herself belonging to the Religious
caste) Delenn underwent a transformation in 2259 that left her part human part
minbari. This change was to allow her to establish a link between the human's and
the Minbari, in order for both to unite together and fight the Shadows. Delenn and
Captain Sheridan were the "chosen ones" to lead the forces of light against the
Shadows. A romantic relation is building between the two.

Naranek, Kosh (Ardwight Chamberlain (translation) - Chris Franke (voice
effects), Jeffrey Willerth (in the suit) and animatronics)
SPECIES: Vorlon / Vorlon Empire
SEX: Unknown / Age: Unknown
POSITION: Vorlon Ambassador to B5
Height: Unknown / Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown / Eyes: Unknown
Kosh serves as the Vorlon ambassador to Babylon 5. He came aboard Babylon 5 in
2257, and was the center point of a failed scam to discredit Commander Sinclair, then
commander of Babylon 5. Ambassador Kosh is one of the only remaining First-ones, or
Ancients. The Ancients were timeless, old, and powerful. They fought the first battles
against the Shadows millions of years ago, and more recently, 1000 years ago. The
Vorlon Empire is made up of Ancients, and has remained isolated, waiting until the
Shadows return. Kosh remains in an encounter suit in order to avoid being detected,
and to keep his true identity hidden. Kosh tested Captain Sheridan and Delenn,
proving them to be the chosen ones to lead the fight against the Shadows. Soon after
the Shadows began attacking openly, Kosh dispatched a Vorlon battle group which
decimated a Shadow attack force. Because of this the Shadows sent Morden and
three Shadows, to kill Kosh. They broke in to his quarters and succeeded, though a
piece of Kosh still exists within Captain Sheridan.

Mollari, Londo (Peter Jurasik)
SPECIES: Centauri / Centauri Republic
SEX: Male / Age: 77 (45 Earth Years)
POSITION: Diplomat / Ambassador to B5
Height:6'0" / Weight:210 lbs.
Hair: Black/white / Eyes: Blue-Grey
Ambassador Mollari is the representative of the Centauri Republic to
Babylon 5. His job was looked at as a joke position, Londo later changed
that when he sought the assistance of the Shadow agent: Morden, and
began destroying Narn colonies, outposts, ships, and whatever else
Londo wished them to attack. Londo has never met Morden's
"associates", but fears them to be powerful foes. The Centauri later conquered the
Narn Regime with Londo's help, thus gaining him much authority and stature within
the Centauri Republic. Londo has seemed to have lost whatever friends he may have
had since he gained his new status. Currentl Londo is plotting to assassinate the
Emperor, and attmpt to drive off the Shadow influence on his people. In exchange for
G'kar's help in his assassination plans, Londo agreed to grant freedom to Narn.
Ambassador Mollari enjoys gambling in the Zocalo, liquor, and women.
Character transformation of Londo

G'kar (Andreas Katsulas) SPECIES: Narn / Narn Regime SEX: Male / Age: 64 (49 Earth Years) POSITION: Citizen / Resistance Leader Height:6'1" / Weight: 220 lbs. Hair: N/A / Eyes: Red Citizen G'kar was the former Narn Ambassador to Babylon 5 up until the Narn Regime was conquered by the Centauri Republic. His hope is to one day liberate his home world, and help rebuild his fallen government. His recent actions have proven himself a far better person that when he first came to Babylon 5, and indeed may join the War Council. During the first few months of the year 2259 he traveled to the outer rim of the galaxy and discovered Z'ha'dum, and the brewing Shadow forces. He barely escaped in a Narn fighter. No one believed his story when he returned. G'kar now leads the resistance forces on Babylon 5 and has secured a place within the Babylon 5 security force for the renegade Narns on B5. G'kar was captured by the Centauri in the early months of 2261, and has agreed to help Londo Mollari in killing the Centauri Emperor, in exchange for freed for Narn. Character transformation of G-Kar Lennier (Bill Mumy) SPECIES: Minbari / Minbari Federation SEX: Male / Age: 42 (27 Earth Years) POSITION: Diplomatic Attaché to Ambassador Delenn Height:5'8½" / Weight: 150 lbs. Hair: Grey / Eyes: Blue Lennier has served as Diplomatic Attaché to Ambassador Delenn since her assignment to Babylon 5 in 2257. He is a trusted aid, and friend. Lennier belongs to the "Third thane of Chu'domo", part of the Religious caste as well, and has pledged himself to fighting the "Darkness", at Delenn's side. Character transformation of Lennier

Cotto, Vir (Stephen Furst) SPECIES: Centauri / Centauri Republic SEX: Male / Age: 50 (39 Earth Years) POSITION: Diplomatic Attaché to Ambassador Londo Mollari Height: 5'10" / Weight: 210 lbs. Hair: Brown / Eyes: Brown Vir Cotto is currently assigned to Babylon 5, as the Diplomatic Attaché to Ambassador Mollari of the Centauri Republic. Vir has strong beliefs against the attacks on the Narn, and that allying themselves with the Shadows will lead to terrible ends. Vir served for a short time as the Centauri Ambassador here on Minbar. He was later recalled to Babylon 5 by Ambassador Mollari. Vir was also to be married during that period, after he learned of his fiancé's true beliefs, and Londo finding out about the refugees Vir smuggled off the Narn homeworld, the marriage was canceled. Vir accompanied Londo back to Centuari Prime where he is helping him to seize power. Vir and Lennier share a few moments in the Zocalo from time to time, discussing their troubles. Neither of th Character transformation of Vir

Marcus Cole (Jason Carter) SPECIES: Human / Minbari federation SEX: Male / Age: POSITION: Ranger Height: " / Weight: lbs. Hair: Dark Brown / Eyes: Brown A Ranger permanently stationed on Babylon 5, he oversees the flow of information from rangers stationed in the area. Often flamboyant and acerbic, Marcus has picked up the Minbari language and fighting skills from his Ranger training. He has taken a liking to Commander Ivanova, though she's approaching the relationship with more than a little caution. Unlike many Humans who felt a calling to become a Ranger, he says he joined their number only after his brother was killed by Shadows. Character transformation of Marcus

Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) SPECIES: Human / Earth Alliance SEX: Male / Age: POSITION: Security Officer / Lieutenant Height: " / Weight: lbs. Hair: Light Brown / Eyes: Garibaldi's principal lieutenant, Zack is earnest and trustworthy, if not necessarily the brightest person on the station. He earned Garibaldi's trust last year when he rejected the Machiavellian "Nightwatch" organization that was bent on taking control away from the station on behalf of President Clark.

Ambassador Jeffrey David Sinclair (Valenn) Michael O'Hare SPECIES: Human / Earth Alliance (Valenn, Minbar's great spiritual leader) SEX: Male / Age: POSITION: Commamder / Ranger 1 Height: " / Weight: lbs. Hair: Light Brown / Eyes: The commander of Babylon 5 and representative of the Earth Alliance for its first two years of operation. He had been named commander of Babylon 5 at the insistence of the Minbari, who captured him during the Battle of the Line and scanned him. Shortly after the death of President Santiago, Sinclair was recalled to Earth and assigned to a new post, as the first human ambassador to the Minbari (cf. comic "In Darkness Find Me."). There hi bcome to the unofficially head of the Rangers (He become Ranger I.). Sinclair recently brought Babylon 4 back through time to aide the Minbari in their war against the Shadows of 1000 years ago; in doing so, he used the same device that had transformed Delenn in order to attain Minbari appearance, and in doing so, became Valenn, Minbar's great spiritual leader who formed the Grey Council. Character transformation of Jeffrey David Sinclair

The steward of the vast machinery below on Epsilon 3. He is a Minbari who was looking for a new purpose in life when he heeded the call to replace the caretaker of the planet, immediately declaring it off-limits to all until the time was right. First appears in "A Voice in the Wilderness" (part 1) and originally played by Louis Turenne. Return To Babylon 5 Main Page