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Tinky Winky: 
Tinky Winky is the biggest Teletubby. He is the gentlest of the Teletubbies. His favorite thing is his bag, which he likes to take
out with him for walks. He usually sings his song "Tinky Winky". He loves to dance and fall over on his back. Tinky Winky
loves all of the Teletubbies, and his best friend is Po, the smallest one. 

Dipsy is the second biggest Teletubby. He is known for his distinctive steps and ways of saying "hello". He loves his hat very
much. Dipsy sings a song with a reggae beat and when he is feeling "especially cool" will go for a walk by himself, wearing his
hat and singing the song. 

Laa-Laa is the second smallest Teletubby. She is the happiest and most smiley of the Teletubbies. She too loves to sing and
dance. Her favorite word is "nice". Laa-Laa loves the way her ball bounces and wobbles and grows bigger and smaller.
Laa-Laa always likes to know where all of the Teletubbies are. She has her own special La-la-la-la-la song. 

Po is the smallest Teletubby. She often jumps up and down to express her feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and surprise. The natural
place for Po is to be on her scooter zipping around the hills. She makes the noise "quickly, quickly, quickly" or "slowly, slowly,
slowly" when riding her scooter. Po spends a lot of time on her own. Next to riding her scooter, Po likes to keep an eye on the
panel switches and controls on the central column inside the Teletubbies' house.