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Supposedly, there are 13 clans, each one having different disciplines, powers, and abilities. These Clans, whose
leader gives name to the clan, and a brief description are given below....


They are Vampire-Wizards. Powerful and united, they are the most mistrusted clan of
them all. They have learned how to use their vampiric blood to enhance their magical abilities and have
created a series of incredibly powerful rituals for their benefit; ranging from boiling the blood of anyone they
touch to a ritual which allows them to walk freely out in the sun and even catch a suntan. Their power is so
that they made themselves vampires; in other words, no vampire embraced them.


These are the Vampire Artists. Their primal purpose is to create and protect art. They are beautiful, and are
probably the clan which most relates to mankind.


These are the Vampire Politicians, always meddling with leadership and trying to take control of everything.

These are the reckless Vampires. Their basic want, after blood, is freedom and having fun. Usually they ride
bikes and most love leather.

These are the crazy Vampires. They believe that only through madness can the truth and enlightenment be
obtained. They are awfully funny, and make great companions. However, some are not as crazy as they
might want you to believe.

These are the shapeshifting Vampires. The ability to morph their bodies, basically changing organs or turning
themselves into animals, primarily huge bats or wolves. These are the vampires who have the closest
relationships tp animals. In fact, one of their abilities is to talk to animals. I myself have always wondered
what those damn dogs are always saying when they bark.

These are the deformed, bald-headed and horribly looking vampires. They almost always stick to the
shadows, and live in sewers. They are the Vampire Spies, since they are experts at keeping themselves
hidden. Ruthless, yet sentimental, they are a powerful bunch of vampires desperately seeking plastic

These vampires have the power to control and manipulate shadows. They are quite powerful and feared by

These vampires are physically unstable. Their bodies are in constant morphing, almost always deformed into
some pretty odd forms. Their minds are almost always as unstable as their bodies, yet they always seem to
have a purpose.

These are basically the Mobsters in the Vampire World. They are intelligent, smart, ruthless and cunning.
Little is known about them.

These vampires are even more hideously deformed than the Nosferatu, because they are not merely
deformed, they are decayed. There bodies didi not stop rotting when they became vampires, therefore, they
continue to rot. Their primal discipline is to decay anything else they touch, and cause things to rot. They
usually prefer to hide themselves, but come out a lot more than the Nosferatu do. Also, they are known to
have originated in Caribbean, primarily Haiti.

These vampires, however, have formed larger groups by combining their clans for a greater purpose. Those
who believe in the Masquerade (a belief that vampires and humans CAN co-exist and that vampires can live
in the human world as humans), have created the Camarilla. The clans who belong to the Camarilla are:
Tremere, Venture, Toreador, Brujah, Malkavian, Nosferatu and Gangrel. Another belief is that of no belief
at all, where you, as a vampire, do whatever you want. These are called the Anarchs, and are composed of
members of any clan who wish to be free and spontaneous. Another belief is that vampires should BE
VAMPIRES and let the humans know they are vampires. These believe that being a vampire is power, and
should be encouraged, as well as a vampiresque behavior. These believers in pure and outright Vampirism
are known as the Sabbat. The clans of the Sabbat are the Lasombra, Tzimisce and any member of other clans
who believe in the Sabbat ideal. The members of Camarilla clans who choose to be Sabbat or are embraced
within the Sabbat, are known as "clan name" Antitribu. (i.e. Ventrue Antitribu).