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Name: Charles O'Connell Birthdate: April 21, 1975 Height: 6'4" Parents: Michael, a retired ad agency director; Linda, a high school art teacher Siblings: Older brother, Jerry, who stars with Charlie in Sliders Birthplace: New York Residence: In L.A. with Jerry Education: Studied at the Stratsburg Institute, and graduated from New York University's School of Drama. Studied in the Atlantic Theater, founded by David Mamet Hobbies: golf, fencing, although he said he hasn't fenced in a couple of years. While attending NYU, Charlie was on the foil team. (Thanks to D. and Ms. Kelley for the info) Television appearances: several commercials with Jerry, Guiding Light, and Sliders as a guest star. He appeared in As Time Goes By as Kit Richards and then in Dragonslide as Officer O'Hara. Theater: Dr. Selavy's Magic Theater, and Opera Opera Was a runway model for Zoli Model Management Current projects: Stars as Colin Mallory on the fourth season of Sliders, beginning in June.

COLIN MALLORY Never before has a character been so anticipated as Colin Mallory. Colin has yet to join the other sliders--Quinn Mallory, Rembrandt Brown, and Maggie Beckett--but has surpassed Maggie in popularity. But who is Colin? What's his story? Colin Mallory is Quinn's older brother (although Charlie is younger in real life). Born to sliding parents, the brothers Mallory were sent to foster parents on different earths to save them from the Kromaggs. While Quinn was sent to a world most of us could consider "our home world," Colin was sent to an Amish world. On this Amish world, who would have been Quinn's double died in infancy. (Imagine Colin's surprise when he met Quinn!) Colin himself is a sweet, kind, funny, and good natured man with a love of science but lack of technology. He may hold the key to finding Quinn's homeworld.