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Agent Fox Mulder, an Oxford trained psychologist with a photographic memory, was one of the FBI Violent Crimes division's best agents. Since he has become involved in the x-files he has become something of an outcast in the Bureau, ridiculed by his colleagues and barely tolerated by his superiors. His interest in the paranormal stems from an incident when he was twelve. His sister Samantha dissappeared from their home when she was eight.Mulder insists that she was abducted by aliens, during hypnotic regression therapy he recalls hearing his sister's cries for help, and a bright light that kept him paralyzed and told him that his sister would be alright. Mulder is a believer, he unquestionably believes in the existance of extraterrestial life forms and suspects that sinister forces within the American government are secretly co-operating with them. Recently he discovered that his father was involved in this and may have been involved in the disappearence of his sister, soon after learning this his father was murdered by the same sinister forces. Mulder is known around the Bureau by the nickname of "Spooky" both because of his uncanny ability to process information and leap ahead to logical conclusions, and because of his interest in paranormal phenomena. Mulder's work on the x-files attracted the attention of some people who shared similar ideals as he, one of these is influential senator and SETI proponent Richard Matheson. Matheson protects Mulder when he can from retribution and serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee and so has access to top-secret information. Mulder also picked up another ally in the form of a mysterious covert individual called Deep Throat who sometimes hindered and sometimes helped Mulder in his investigations. Deep Throat's cover was blown by saving Mulder's life and he was assassinated. Mulder has since acquired another contact, the cautious Mr.X. He is far less helpful than Deep Throat and is not willing to put himself in the same situation. After the death of Deep Throat, The x-files were shut down, and Mulder was re-assigned to wiretap duties, a singularly mind-numbing duty. A strange case of a murdered scientist arose and Mulder was assigned a new partner to investigate, Special Agent Krycek. On the surface, he appeared and purported to be a believer in Mulder's work but it soon became clear that he was not all that he seemed. The x-files were soon reopened again by Mulder's superior, Assistant Director Skinner, who hinted to him that Mulder's work was important and needed to be continued. Recently Mulder was drugged by sinister forces who attempted to finally break the tenuous hold the Bureau has on him, during this period Mulder finally gets the ultimate proof of extraterrestrial existance, government conspiracy and the fate of his sister. This leads him into direct conflict conflict with the Smoking Man who finally decides to rid himself of Mulder. Mulder barely survives through the intervention of a Navaho healer Albert Hosteen and in a near-death experience sees visions of Deep Throat and his father telling him to continue his work.