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"Nature never makes excellent things for mean or no uses."
-John Locke

 The Gangrel are wanderers, rarely remaining in one
place for any significant period of time.In this they
are very diffrent from most Kindred, who usually find 
a haven and jealously guarg it.There is no record of 
who is the eldest in the Gangrel line is, and the clan
has no established leaders.On the whole, Gangrel seem 
unconcerned with such things.They are known for being 
withdrawn, quiet and solemn. They certainly keep their
cards close to their chests.

 Clan Gangrel consists of survivors, vampires who are
capable of making it on their own. They do not despise
civilization or the society of their Kindred.They 
simply do not require it.They are known for their lack
of concern about crossing lands of werewolves;indeed,it 
is said they have friends among them.

 Gangrel always pick their progeny-to-be very carefully,
seeking survivors who are capable of excisting on their
own.Once they Embrace these mortals, they abandon them,
leaving their victims to make their own way through the
world.Though they may watch their progeny from a distance,
sires rarely interfere.When they feel childer are ready,
Gangrel sires present themselves and teach the childer
the true ways of the line.

 The Gangrel are very capable shapeshifters,which may
explain their ability to cross wild areas unmolested.
There are no reports of them being able to transform
into anything other than wolves or bats,but there are
tales of some Gangrel elders being able to acheive mist
form.Perhaps because of this shapechanging power, Gangrel
often have features distinctly resembling those of animals.

 If stories are to be believed,the Gypsies may be mortal
descendents of the mysterious Antediluvian who stands
at the head of the Gangrel line.They are under his 
protection, and any Kindred who harms a Gypsie will
answer to him(or Her).Regardless of whether this is 
tru or not Kindred are loathe to harm Gypsies. Members
of the Gangre are expected, through long standing clan
tradition, to aid Gypsies whenever necessary.In turn,
Gangrel have also been known to receive aid from Gypsies.

 Certain members of Clan Gangrel have adopted much from
Gypsy culture,including mannerisms,linguistics elements
and even dress.

ORGANIZATION The Gangrel do not really consider themselves a clan, at least in the sense that other clans do. They never have clan meetings and rarely attend Camarilla councils. Nonethless,they do tend to enjoy one anothers company,at least more than other vampires, and they can often be found together.

STEREOTYPES BRUJAH Their virtue is pure,but their vision is clouded with hate and pride. MALKAVIAN They are reservoirs of immense power,but they do not know how much to tap their potential. NOSFERATU Kindred of strong spirit; we share so much in common with them. TOREADOR We hold them in contempt because they have earned nothing better.They must learn to serve instead of take. TREMERE Though they do not realizeit,they are our enemies.They follow the path of greed and seek to destroy us all. VENTRUE Every sect must have leaders; each leader must serve the sect.These leaders are neither better nor worse than most.

DISCIPLINES Animalism,Fortitude,Protean