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The Book of Nod

        The Book of Nod was compiled and translated by one, Aristotle
        delaurent. For the record the Book of Nod lists the founder of
        the Assamites as one of the original thirteen, I assume that 
        they are referring to Haqim

The Book of Nod

The earliest history of the Kindred  is said to be recorded in the 
legendary  Book Of Nod.  Named for the land  east of Eden where 
Caine first traveled,  it chronicles the tumultuous birth of the  bloodlines 
and the origins of the jyhad. 

In the beginning there was only Caine. Caine who murdered his brother 
out  of anger.  Caine who was cast out. Caine who was cursed forever with 
immortality Caine who was cursed with the lust for blood. It is Caine from 
whom we all come, Our Sire's Sire. 

For the passing of an age he lived in solitude, In loneliness and suffering. 
For an eon he remained alone. But the passing of memory drowned his  
sorrow.  And so he returned to the  world of mortals, 
To the world his brother and his brother's  children had created. 
He returned and was made welcome. The people saw his power and 
worshipped  him, Making him King of their great City, 
T'he First City, a place by the name of Enoch. 

Though he became ruler of a mighty nation,  he was still alone 
For none were as he.  His sorrow grew once again. Then he committed 
another great sin, for he begat Progeny, Of which there were only three. 
But from them came more Progeny, his  grandchildren, And then Caine 
said "An end  to this crime.  There shall be no more." And as Caine's 
word was the law, his Brood obeyed him. 

'The city stood for many ages, And become the center of a mighty Empire. 
But then came the Deluge, a great Flood  that washed over the world. 
The City was destroyed, And its people along with it. 
Again Caine fell into great sorrow and went into solitude, Becoming as a 
dog amidst the wastes, And leaving his Progeny to their own ends. 
They came to him and begged him to return, To help them rebuild the City. 
But he would not come with them, Saying the Flood had been sent as 
punishment For his having returned to the world of life And subverting the 
true law. 

So they returned alone to what mortals were left And announced that 
they were the new rulers. Each created a Brood, In order to claim the 
glory of Caine, Yet they did not have his wisdom or restraint. 
A great war was waged, th e Elders against their Children, 
And the Children slew their parents. 

The rebels then built a new city And brought to it 13 tribes. 
It was a beautiful city and its people  worshipped them as gods. 
They created new Progeny of their own,   the Fourth Generation of Cainites. 

But they feared the Jyhad, And it was forbidden for those Children to  
create others of their kind. This power their Elders kept for themselves. 
When a Childe was created, it was hunted  down and killed, 
And its Sire with it. 

Though this city was as great as Caine's,  eventually it grew old. 

As do all living things, it slowly began to die. The gods at first did not see 
the truth, And when they at last looked about them it was too late. 

Their city was destroyed and their power  extinguished, And they were 
forced to flee,  their Progeny along with them. 

But many were killed in the flight, for they  had grown weak. 

With their authority gone, all were free to  create their own Broods, 
And soon there were many new Kindred,  Who ruled across the face of 
the Earth. 

But this could not last. Over time, there came to be too many of  
the Kindred, And then there was war once again. The Elders were 
already deep in hiding,  For they had learned caution. 

But their Children had founded their own cities and Broods, 

And it is they who were killed in the great  wave of war.  There was war so 
total, that  there are none of that Generation To speak of themselves any 
longer. Waves of mortal flesh were sent across continents In order to crush 
and burn the cities of the Kindred. Mortals thought they were fighting their 
own wars, But it is for us that they spilt their blood. 

Once this war was over, All of the Kindred hid from one another 
And from the humans that surrounded them. In hiding we remain today, 
For the Jyhad continues.