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"What a piece of work man is...and yet to me what is the
quintessence of dust?Man delights not me."

 The Nosferatu are the least human in apearance of all
the clans.They look something like feral animals.Their
smell and appearance are revolting-one could even say
monstrous.Some have long bulbous ears,coarse-skinned
skulls covered with tufts of hair or elongated faces 
covered with disgusting warts and lumps.

 After a mortal has been Embraced by a Nosferatu,the
poor individual undergoes an exceptionally painful 
period of transformation.Over several weeks,he slowly
shifts from his or her mortal guise to his Nosferatu
visage.In the beginning,the childe may revel in his
newfound powers,but the pain and changes soon begin.
Its likely that the psychological trauma is more
painful than the physical torment.

 Nosferatu only Embrace those mortals who are twisted
in one way or another:emotionally,physically,spirtiually
or intellectually.They consider the Embrace too horrific 
to bestow on worthwhile human beings.By changing mortals
into vampires,the sires hope to somehow redeem their
childer.Its surprising how often this works.Underneath
their grim exteriors,the Nosferatu are practical and
mostly sane.

 It said that Nosferatu revel in being dirty and disgusting
and do little to improve their appearance(not that there
is much they can do).Indeed,they are cheerful amid their
squalor,especially when others are forced to enter their
realm.Nosferatu are known for being grumpy and lewd and
cannot be trusted to maintain the standard of civilized

 Though their power of Obfuscation enables Nosferatu to
travel through mortal society,Nosferatu are not able to
interact with it.They must therefore live apart.The habits
that derive from such an existence extend even to their
interactions with other vampires.Nosferatu avoid all 
contact with other vampires.Nosferatu all contact,preferring
their own solitary existence to the chaos of interacting
with others.

 Though they do not interact with other vampires,they
do remain cognizant of the pulse of the city.Nosferatu often
listen to the conversations of other vampires from hiding.
They have been known to sneak into a princes haven
to discover the elders deepest secrets.If a vampire wants
to know any information about the city or its immortal
inhabitants,she need only speak with a Nosferatu.

 The Nosferatu do stay in contact with one another and
have developed a unique subculture among the Kindred.
They play host to one another with the most elaborate
politeness and gentility.They share their information among
themselves,and as a result,they are probably the best
informed of the Kindred.

Nosferatu tend to look out for each other and mingle little with others.They are united in spirit with an estabilished network,but seldom have formal clan meetings of any sort.

GANGREL Good blokes;they know who they are.

MALKAVIAN Creepy,aint they?Don't even trust em

TOREADOR Empty-headed whelps who should be spanked.

TREMERE Shady characters,they're up to something.

VENTRUE Too damn proper;something's stuck up their ass.

BRUJAH Nice enough fellas,once you get past the crap.