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!!---- QUINN-----!!
This is Quinn at 8 months of age!! What a cutie!!!!!

Thought I would give some info about my son.His Name is Quinn He was born August 3 1997 at the Grace Hospital Ottawa Ontario Canada. He is now 15 months old and Has 10 teeth his 4 bottom and 6 on top. He weighs over 30 lbs!He can say all kinds of things like clock and lala..he thinks all the Teletubbies are called lala!! Those are his favorite to say though and MOM.His favorite show is Teletubbies..I think he is addicted to it!!!

My Little Stinker Trying to put all his dirty laundry into his drawer we caught him doing it.Little stinker!!!
This is Quinn with his little friend Anna.

Quinn sitting on his chair after reading one of his books!!!

This is me and Quinn one fall morning I'm showing him a lady bug!!!

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My Little Guy posing for our Christmas Pictures!!!Hehehehe ,what a cutie

My Little Guy on the couch!!!

My little man just being trouble as always...hehehehe!!!!

Quinn as a Teletubbie for Halloween!!

Me And My Lovely Wife Kerry

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