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Teletubby Land
Teletubbies is filmed on farm land near Stratford Upon Avon in the fields surrounding a little town called Wimpstone.

The windmill
When the wind gets strong, the windmill becomes magical and begins to sprinkle dust and stars everywhere. This seems to cause some sort of electrical transmission that grabs the Teletubbies attention even if they are asleep! As it spins away, the Teletubbies group together and run up the top of a hill where they fall about laughing. The transmission is picked up by each tubby, one after the other and it makes their aerials lights up and their stomachs show a video.

The speakers
They have a life of their own and just appear and disappear whenever they want to. They make their entrance into Teletubby Land by playing an increasingly higher pitch sound until they reach their full height. A bit of interference occurs and is then followed by an announcement. At the start of the show they announce that it is "Time for Teletubbies...Time for Teletubbies....Time for..." and at the end they state that its "Time for Tubby Bye-Bye!...Time for Tubby Bye-Bye...ditto...". They can also be heard asking "Where have the Teletubbies gone?". They also randomly appear and read nursey rhymes to which the Tubbies perform dances!

The Tubby toast
Tinky Winky presses the buttons on the toaster while the others sit around their circular table. One bit of toast at a time is fired from the toaster, high into the air and with precision accuracy - lands onto one of the Teletubbies plates! This happens to all four of the tubs so they can all have a bit, which they gulp down to joyful cries of "Tubby Toast...mmm...tubby toast!". Once, the toaster went wrong and fired out thousands of bits of tubby toast all over the house. It was Tinky Winky that broke it and everyone had to clear up by eating it all. Even Noo-Noo (The Vacuum Cleaner) ate some. By no means is toast the only thing in their diet as they readily enjoy a nice bowl of Tubby Custard.

This is where the Teletubbies spring from at the beginning of the programme as they shoot out of a hole. They have developed the ability to slide UP a slide as well as to go down it which is very commendable! Noo-Noo, the vacuum cleaner lives in here and spends all the time cleaning up. You've also got the Tubby Toaster, the Tubby Custard machine, the dining table and a huge set of control panels that don't actually do anything. They do, however, make different noises when pulled. In one episode, Dipsy was about to tuck into a nice portion of Tubby Toast when the control panel set off an alarm. He got up, went over to it and pulled the lever with the flashing light next to it. As if by magic, the alarm stopped and Dipsy went back to his snack (although Noo-Noo had already eaten it!!)Inside the home there are four beds, each made to exactly the right size of each Teletubby. Whenever they get tired, which is quite often, they either go to bed or simply fall over wherever they are placed at the time!