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"I will listen to your tuition,
And you will see it come to its fruition.
I'll be wrapped around your finger."
-The Police,"Wrapped Around Your Finger."

 The members of this clan are known for their hedonistic
tendencies,although that description is a misinterpretation
of their true nature.They are indeed proud and regal Kindred,
highly excitable and possessed of expensive tastes,but the
word"hedonistic" is sometimes a bit extreme.Artists are
always misunderstood.

 The Toreador are known to be the most sopisticated of
the clans.They are concerned with beauty in a way a no mortal
can fathom.They use the rarefied senses and tastes given to
them by the Embrace to become as consumed and impassioned as
possible.For the Toreador,nothing matters as much as beauty,
though in many cases,the search for beauty becomes a simple
search for pleasure,and the Toreador indeed becomes little
more than a seeker of pleasures.

 Like all true artists,Toreadors search for truth beyond an
excistence they fear to be meaningless.It is this struggle
for truth, and ultimately salvation,that has inspired the clan
with what it considers its mission;yo protect the genius of the
human race.Toreador are trulyin love with the vigor and passion
of mortals and never tire of marveling at mortal creations.

 The clan as a whole considers itself a clan of conservators;
its protectorate consists of the worlds great artists.Toreador
specifically seek out those whom they consider the most worthy
and Embrace them,thus preserving their genius from ravages of
aging and death.Toreador constantly search for new talent and
spend a great deal of time deciding who to preserve and who
to leave to fate.Among the Toreador are some of the greatest 
artists who ever lived.

 The greatest weakness of Toreador is their sensitivity to
beauty.They refelexively surround themselves with elegance
and luxury so much that they sometimes turn into addicts
of pleasure.Some of this lineage become cncerned with nothing
but their own continued pleasure-the reputation of the entire
clan is sullied by the excesses of these few.

The members of this caln meet frequently,though these meetings are more social occasions than councils.In times of great urgency,Toreador become united and ferociously active,but are typically too apathetic to be much of a force.

GANGREL We don't claim to understand them.Are they Kindred at all

MALKAVIAN Though chaos can be beautiful,it would be a difficult life.

NOSFERATU These loathsome beasts ought to have been expelled from the Camarilla a long time ago.They hate all beauty and despise us for ours.

TREMERE Honesty is not a word we associate with this clan,but we respect them for their dedication.

VENTRUE The patricians of our kind,the Ventrue are the only ones with the refinement to appreciate art,though not as we do

BRUJAH They have little respect for the accomplishments of civilization,but they do understand the virtue of change.