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Type O Negative band members:
Peter Steele: Bass/Lyrics
Kenny Hickey: Guitar
John Kelly: Drums
Josh Silver: Keyboards
Type O Negative Studio Releases:
Slow, Deep and Hard: 1991
Origin of the Feces: 1992/1994
Bloody Kisses: 1993
October Rust: 1996

Bassist/singer Peter Steele formed Type O Negative in 1988 
having been the former the singer in Carnivore. 
Type O Negative is a mixture of styles which 
can best be described as a depressive from of 
gothic heavy metal. Having realeased the controversial 
"The Origin of the Feces" in 1992 the record was stalled 
because it was deemed to much to handel with the controversial artwork. 
It was re-released in 1994 with a new cover and the song 
"Paranoid" included, the song is a slow cover 
version of the Black Sabbath song. Bloody Kisses and 
October Rust varies some from the first two albums in style, 
the first two are more of a trash/hardcore style and 
the second two are more like the gothic heavy metal 
which the band is labled today. 
Peter Steele how was born in Russia and 
really named Stalin changed his name when he had moved 
to the USA. 
The translation of Stalin means of course Steele. 
JR 12/7 -98