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"He must not flinch from being blamed for vices that are
necessary for safguarding the state."
-Machiavelli,The Prince

 Culture,civilization,sopistication-the Ventrue are
proudly dedicated to these tenets.After the Inquisition
blazed across the world and scourged the Kindred ancient
and young,the Ventrue lead the way in uniting the clans
of the Camarilla.The Camarilla is a vampiric society
dedicated to civilized,careful and secret excistence
within the mortal population, and based on the noble Six
Traditions,laws that are just as important today as they 
were Five hundred years ago.The Ventrue maintain the 
traditional structures that allow vampires to ignore the
lesser concerns of safety and sustenance.Vampires are
thus freed to attend to higher concerns ans more 
sophiscated pursuits.

 The Ventrue,in their own perspective,serve as the pillars
of society through wise leadership and diplomatic politics.
They seek to avoid brutish violence,preferring to settle
disputes through genteel politics and enlightened debate.
It is the clans hope that by displaying its unity and
strength,its courage and resolution,its foresight and
knowledge,all vampires may follow its good example and 
join in a true utopia.

 Ventrue consider the Masquerade to be the foundation
of vampiric society and hance not to be trifled with.
they feel those who meddle with all that is sacredin the
Camarilla should be rooted out and convinced of the sanctity
and significance of the Masquerade.However,Ventrue realize
that other Kindred should be treated gently,for they lack
the clans social wisdom.They hope that other vampires 
transgressions arise from weak wills and simple minds,not
frombase meanness.

 Ventrue assume(or take) great authority and great power.
they feel they are responsible for Kindred society and seek
to impose order upon it-their own order,regardless what 
others want.As part of this order,young Ventrue are taught
to respect elders.Greater even than superiors,however,are 
the laws and traditions of vampiric society;all new Ventrue
are expected to uphold and defend the Camarillas laws.As 
lessers,they should be providedwith examples of honorable 
sopisitication.The childe of a Ventrue is the essence of
nobility,with eternity as his destiny.

Tradition is the greatest king.Ventrue favor age,experience and generation over youth and ability.They believe that the capable rise to the top as soon as they prove themselves.In all matters,the Ventrue embrace caution and debate all sides of a situation before acting.Of course some situations require swift action,and such situations are usually recoginized. Much of Ventrue legislation and consideration occurs at regualar weekly,monthly and yearly clan meetings.There the clan follows a firm agenda and rationally proposes new itineraries.In emergency situations,the eldest Ventrue of the city calls for an immediate meeting.

GANGREL These ferocious Kindred have little concern for safety of society,but at least have respect for it. They can be used

MALKAVIAN Selfish,regressed children who profane the noble with mockery and silliness.Humor them in order to use them.

TOREADOR They are as flighty and capricious as art itself, but still dedicated to our great society.

TREMERE While they too believe in organization and law,they play the game of manipulation with the unbridled fanaticism.Beware.

NOSFERATU Though they do their best,their repugnance prevents any possibility of true sopistication

BRUJAH Mindless brutes who seek to ruin our society. It is our responsibilty to stop them.