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Sabrina Lloyd (Wade  Kathleen Welles)  
Date of birth:  20 November 1970  
(location):  Mt. Dora, Florida  
Mini biography: At age 12, Sabrina Lloyd started her acting career by appearing in a local heater
production of "Annie." There, she played Pepper, because she wanted to be a bully, having been
bullied all her life. From then on, she knew she wanted to be an actress. She continued to perform
in local theater.  When she was 18, she moved to New Yo rk and spent some time as a bartender
while knocking on doors and auditioning for roles. Her first big break was a guest appearance on
an episode of "Law and Order," which got her a new agent and launched  
her carrer.  Every actress she knew tried out for the part of Wade Welles, but there was
something about Sabrina that caught the eye of the  
 producers. They had her audition five times, but the producers knew that  
they had found their star. Sabrina won the part and her rocket to stardom  
"Sliders" (1995) TV Series  
Coming Out of Heidi Leiter, The (1994) (TV)  
Father Hood (1993)  
Chain of Desire (1992)  
That Night (1992)  
"Law & Order" (1990)  
Wade Kathleen Welles was raised with her sister Kelley in San Francisco, California. In junior high, Wade was forced to wear braces which left her isolated from her peers. To cope with this, she became an avid reader and developed an interest in the supernatural. After high school, Wade attended Northshore Junior College, majoring in extemporaneous poetry and prose. She got a job as a saleswoman at Doppler Computer Superstore, where she met and befriended Quinn Mallory. Her friendship with Quinn grew into love, but he continued to perceive her as a "bud." On September 27th, 1995, Quinn was seen kissing Wade passionately after insulting his boss. She visited Quinn’s home a few hours later, entered his basement, and disappeared at the same time Quinn did. An FBI investigation is pending.